one heart. one soul…

we are one heart.
one soul.
this oneness is irreplaceable.
it is REAL.
this love of ours will change this illusion.
this love of ours is transformation.
from the ignorant to the knowledgeable.
from darkness to light.
this love of ours is magic.
let it perform.
let it out.
see the difference.
feel the difference.
this love is you.
this love is me.
this love is forever.
i love you.
one heart.
one soul…

trust your heart…

trust your heart.
it’s the truth.
and let the truth flow out from this source.
it’s your well.
your wealth.
this is where we are united.
one forever.
in your heart.
your source.
my source.
the source of all truth.
make your heart your guiding light.
your guiding force.
nothing can stop you from knowing the truth.
& from staying in the truth at all times.
trust your heart…


we’ve been one…

in this life and all the rest, we’ve been one.
after this life too, we’ll be one.
my arms are outstretched.
beckoning you to come home.
be ready.
you are in eternal light.
dancing in the discovery of your own divinity.
enjoy the ride.
i can see each layer being separated and then discarded.
this is the way.
the beauty of it is that sometimes you don’t even realize,
that a new discovery has been made.
that another layer has been shed.
i love you.
keep peeling away the layers.
till they’re all gone.
& all that remains is you & i.
one forever…

deeper and deeper…

go deeper & deeper.
into your own consciousness.
so deep that our consciousness is merged.
in the depth of our collective consciousness.
one soul.
one existence.
one reality.
all is one.
go deeper and deeper.
where one is not even a number.
it is reality.
that’s all it is.

be grateful. be humbled…

this is your heart pouring itself out through me.
be grateful.
be humbled.
by the blessings & the grace that’ve been showered upon you.
understand this oneness.
there is nothing like it.
this is our union.
i love you.
i’m one with you.
at all times…


everything is in balance.
all the elements of nature.
all the elements of your within.
there is no disparity.
except the one you perceive.
if you think the sun is different from the moon, it is.
if you think they’re the same, they are.
just be aware that these are your perceptions.
and when you view existence without perception, you see God.
that’s the point at which there is no judgement in your heart.
no thought in your mind.
that’s the point at which you just are.
the point at which you can see that everything just is…

be who you are…

you are always forgiven.
no matter what you do.
for you are a part of me.
and I am a part of you.
together, forming a whole.
so then, who am I to judge you?
for aren’t I judging myself?
who am I not to forgive?
for aren’t I forgiving myself?
who am I not to love?
for aren’t I just loving myself?
we are all one.
each and every one of us.
that is the only truth.
show the compassion you feel in your heart.
do not expect anyone to know it implicitly.
show the love you feel in your heart.
do not expect anyone to feel it implicitly.
be who you are.
be me.
be love.
i love you…