Way to Peace

Give your best always

Your effort is what counts

not the result

Live like this and never shall you be disappointed

Never shall you expect anything to turn out a certain way.

Your job is to do

and do selflessly

with your heart and soul

That’s all you have to be concerned about

leave the rest to the universe


Remember everything is interconnected

your thoughts, your energy, your everything

all combine in some way to make you see the power you truly have

the power to do anything

to will anything

to overcome anything.

5 thoughts on “Way to Peace

  1. Wonderful words Aarti….So glad to have found you again šŸ™‚ I left a message for you on your about page a while back but for some reason it never posted. I’m glad you are continuing Anil’s work through you words from your heart. I trust all is well with you and life is being kind. Sending you love and hugs….VK ā¤

    • Hey VK. I replied to it. Maybe it didn’t reach you. All is well and life is more than kind. Hope things are well at your end.
      I have written a book Called ‘Where One is not a number’ on the spiritual journey of our lives. It may interest u since you have been a part of our journey since 5-6 years now.:) It’s on Amazon.
      sending much love:)

      • Hey Aarti….So glad all is well with you and life is full of caring….I will check your book out! Wow! Great work my friend. Making the most of the very worst. Love it! Be well Aarti and know you are definitely in my thoughts. Blessings….Hollis

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