sadness. happiness…

sadness. happiness.
are just states of the mind.
be attached to neither.
be attached to nothing.
it’s all non-existent.
the only thing that exists is your eternal consciousness.
which is the same in each one.
this is the truth.
ignore everything else.
discard it.
all your pre-conceived notions.
all your book knowledge.
throw it out of the window.
know that you exist.
that you are.
& that’s all there is.
everything around you is make-believe.
put your hand through it & it’s gone.
shut your mind & it’s gone.
your mind keeps it all alive.
all your thoughts breathe life into the illusion.
the stillness of your heart is your connect to consciousness.
to the God within you.
your heart is pure.
the rest is all to be discarded.
your life is blessed.
all lives are blessed.
because life is but one…

4 thoughts on “sadness. happiness…

  1. To me , Sadness and Happiness are two opposing poles on the same emotional continuum we carry inside. The question remains, ” How do situations effect us so that we land at specific points on this continuum?” As I think of this aspect, I realise that the way forward is to minimise our attachments to outcomes and be non-judgmental. Would you agree?


    • i agree with you completely, shakti. without attachment to the outcome of all your actions, being non-judgmental and having NO expectations from anyone is probably the ideal way to live. Hard, but not impossible. As far as happiness & sadness go, yes they’re points on the same continuum, just as heaven and hell are. It’s only our minds that perceive happiness/heaven or sadness/hell. there is no difference in the external world – it’s the mind that swings between points on the continuum.

      lots of love always

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