the continuum of existence…

all will pass.
it has to.
this is the continuum of existence.
go with the flow.
you will pass too.
like everything.
into nothingness.
where you will find me.
in my true form.
all & nothing.

be in total surrender.
leave yourself to the universe.
it knows all your needs.
it is supreme.
it is your own self.
surrender to your omniscient self.
your omnipotent self.
have no fear.
there is no place for fear.
you are liberating yourself.
from your physical existence.
and passing into your natural state.
of pure existence.
this is what it’s all about.
see your physical life as a transient stage.
it must pass.
it will.
all things pass and come to rest at the point of all creation.
your own higher self.
your own realized self.
there is no doubt.
there is no fear.
just the continuum of existence…

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