let love drive you…

let love drive your every action.
before doing anything, step back & think how you would do it with love in your heart.
the reaction of others is immaterial.
you only have yourself to answer to.
this is YOUR soul journey.
everything else is part of the illusion.
let love drive you.
let love rule you.
let love become you.
that’s all there is.
i love you completely.
all this world needs is love.
all this world needs is happiness.
most substitute this with money, but that’s never going to replace love.
because only love is real.
our bond is real.
because it’s one of love…

1 thought on “let love drive you…

  1. That is ALL we need… LOVE and to LOVE ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY… When we can truly open our Hearts to LOVE in ALL its forms, form loving self to loving nature and each other… We are then transported to the Higher Realms… Beyond this Illusion.. for eternity……… Thank you so much for your wonderful words today another 4th Synchronicity of today……… 🙂 Blessings Sue x

    Much love to you and your own beautiful family Anil……. x

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