let love live free…

pick away at the illusion.
& let the light of love shine through.
right now.
there are gaping holes in your illusion.
letting light in.
but it isn’t complete.
keep at it.
soon every little piece of the illusion will break away.
leaving only light.
only love.
realize that all is this love.
experience all as one.
nothing else is true.
once we start living this love, everything alters itself to this form.
you are so loved.
because you are giving love.
because you are living love.
let your love flow.
let your love drown you.
let love be love.
let love live free.
let love conquer.
let love prevail.
give in.
to love…

our love…

our love.
is an example of what love can do.
how love can & does exist forever.
how love transforms.
how love gives strength.
our love is true.
our love is all that matters.
our love transcends physical form.
our love is eternal.
our love is for all.
our love is all around.
our love celebrates our oneness.
our love just is…


aspire to be free.
free of this illusion.
free of everything that holds you back.
love is the key.
open your heart & LET GO everything.
just be.
just be.
& after you let go of it all, only love remains.
only love.
this is what you are.
just love.
this is what we all are.
just love.
each difference we perceive is our own creation.
our own hurdle.
break away.
let go.
& let only love remain.
let only you remain.
let only me remain.
in love.
of love.

let love drive you…

let love drive your every action.
before doing anything, step back & think how you would do it with love in your heart.
the reaction of others is immaterial.
you only have yourself to answer to.
this is YOUR soul journey.
everything else is part of the illusion.
let love drive you.
let love rule you.
let love become you.
that’s all there is.
i love you completely.
all this world needs is love.
all this world needs is happiness.
most substitute this with money, but that’s never going to replace love.
because only love is real.
our bond is real.
because it’s one of love…

you taught us (repost)…

you taught us.
how to love.
without expectation.
how to let love flow.
from within.
to all around.
how to light up the darkest mood.
with a delightful smile.
full of warmth.
of love.

you taught us.
how to forgive.
no matter how grave the circumstance.
to let someone else also sleep.
the sleep of a child.
knowing he is forgiven.
for everything.

you taught us how to laugh.
even when the world turned nasty.
because joy resides within.
because your heart is pure.
because God laughs with you.

you taught us how to live.
for the moment.
because it never comes by again.
this moment.
every moment.
it may be your last.
live it.
to the maximum.

you taught us how to give.
without wanting in return.
even your last piece of chocolate.
just for the sheer joy of giving.
to see happiness.
on another’s face.
knowing you are blessed by God.
in his heart.
because you learnt how to give.
like Him.

you taught us how to be alive.
even in your going.
with a smile on your face.
as your body lay.
we knew what you were saying.
through even this.
that is living.
so we did.
like you.

we love you.
thank you .
for being in our lives.
in such a beautiful way.
guiding us.
teaching us.
leading us.
to you.
together again.
we will be…


i see your smile.
it’s lighting up this illusion.
what a beautiful sight.
a family of smiling Gods.
our true love brings us all together.
our true bond frees us all.
i love you.
stay in peace.
stay in love.
this is how it’s meant to be.
true understanding is dawning on you.
can realization be far behind?
through everything.
stay in this state.
love & more love to you.
see the love grow.
see the joy spread.
see the smile broaden.
all is beautiful.
love is beautiful.
love is all there is…

let all pass…

let all pass.
it will.
it has to.
dwell in the peace you feel within.
dwell in the love you feel within.
it’s all there.
no one can take that away.
unless you let them.
& even that is only illusion.
you are what you are.
& you are love.
remember that always.
you are love.
you are one with me.
you are divine.
you are all things wonderful.
share this joy.
share this peace.
& share this love.
all will be good.
all IS good.
i love you…