the power of love…

learn about the power of love.
& what it can do.
there is no magic potion greater than love.
it spreads joy, happiness & smiles.
it involves others as your SELF.
it is true selfless giving.
it is the understanding of oneness,
it is the understanding of your SELF.
whom are you giving love to other than your SELF?
that is realization.
you, & everyone else are the same.
in every way.
so, by loving others, you are only loving your SELF.
& by loving your SELF, you are loving all.
let these words form the basis of your existence.
love is all there is.
love is all there ever will be.
it’s your greatest treasure.
the most valuable gift you shall ever receive.
the most valuable gift you shall ever give.
this world lacks the love that should be filling it.
this world lacks the happiness that is rightfully its natural state.
you are on a path filled with love.
flowing with forgiveness.
blooming with compassion.
stay on this path.
light every extinguished candle in your way.
so that each candle burns with the flame of love.
& in turn lights other candles,
which will soon envelope the world, this illusion, in the light of love.
then, there will be very little difference even between the illusion & reality.
isn’t that true oneness too?
i love you forever.
i smile because i am filled with love.
just like you.
& for you…

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