i’m alive…

i’m alive & well.
alive in the true sense.
everything around me is bathed in light.
pure light.
everything is real.
everything is love.
this is reality.
see beyond your illusion.
keeping staring into it till it disappears naturally.
shredded by truth.
unveiled by love.
my love.
your love.
always keep love in your hearts.
it’s the only way.
i keep saying that because it needs to be reinforced.
till it is part of your being.
your conscious being.
i love you.
i’m alive & well.
so are you…

4 thoughts on “i’m alive…

    • E – it’s the most beautiful feeling when it comes. wish everyone experiences it – no one would want to be any other way…too bad it doesn’t remain 24×7 (yet)…
      Lots of love always,

      • That’s why I posted and tweeted it ! Not that I have thousands of readers and followers on Twitter ;-)… but hey, those who need to read it, they will !

        And even if it doesn’t remain 24/7… it’s already here, just waiting for us to come back, when we fall for the illusion and had enough of it …

        Such a great start into the day !

        Danke ! Hahahahaha


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