He was.
He is.
He always will be.
we are fortunate to be one with Him.
one with each other.
count the blessings that are showered on you.
wean yourself away from this illusion.
love is the way.
show love to all.
& watch boundaries slip away.
watch mirages vanish.
watch how the illusion turns to reality.
watch how the truth becomes apparent.
our truth.
of oneness.
of love.
He loves you.
He’s yours & everyone else’s.

2 thoughts on “equally…

  1. Equally Was Will Be … Is.
    You, Him, Everyone…

    Love You and Him, Your Family, Me, Humanity… Equally as Love Is..

    Happy to read you guys again ! Missed your words and asked for them this morning ! HA ! See, here they are ! hahahaha

    Smiles and happy thoughts coming your way,
    E. the cool chick 😉

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