I Am With You – I Am You – I Love You (via Ahaan & Caro)

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I Am With You – I Am You – I Love You (via Ahaan & Caro).

I am with you as you breathe. I guide you through life. We are one.

I love you. No matter what you do, no matter who you are. Aren’t you me in any case ?

There is no more separation between me and my soul. Has there ever been one ? …

There is no more judgement. I don’t value experiences. They are not good, they are not bad. They are.

It has become all too obvious now that this illusion is, well… an illusion.

I am unable to debate the illusion of fear, war, the dark side. I just don’t feel it anymore.

I don’t believe in this anymore.

It is as if this caterpillar I used to be turned into a butterfly. We are all butterflies…

I believe in you. In you, my wonderful soul being.

It is more than a belief, it is a feeling of pure unconditional love, this consciousness which unites us.

Us. You, whoever you may be in your life experience.

You are not good, nor are you bad. No matter what you do.

You are. We are.

Pure love. Pure consciousness.

When you read these lines with an open heart, you feel me, you feel humanity.

You feel love.

Love is not the contrary of hate. Unconditional love simply is who we are.

Consciousness about our inner being.

I love you. When I walk in the street, when our eyes meet, I get a glimpse of your inner self, I can see myself in you.

No matter what you do, what you think, what you believe in.

All I feel is our eternal oneness.

I stopped seeking outside for freedom, for peace, as it is all within.

There are more and more of us remembering who we are, why we came here.

I meet you, I talk to you. When I walk pass you, I share my love, my compassion.

You may be rich, poor, a serial killer, a loving parent… It has no importance which character you took over when you came here.

I am not valuing what you do. I am not judging you.

How could I possibly judge if all I feel is unconditional love ? No conditions required, in order for me to be able to love you.

We are not “able” to love. We are love.

This love doesn’t have a contrary, an opposite. It is not within duality, as it is.

It is not good. It is.

Good doesn’t mean anything, unless you still buy into the illusion of duality, of what many believe is reality. As long as you search for the good, you value it. As long as you still believe in good there will be bad. What I believed to be good, was maybe bad for you… We all have our own reality. So why would I still value situations, people, experiences ? Any added value is a judgement in it itself. So why not just let it be ?

Embrace the experience as an experience. Let is be.

You don’t even need to look for a center, for a balance in your life. You are already all that is.

Consciousness is not judging. It is.



All that is.

I can feel you. I love you.

I am.

Totally and utterly.

Just as you are.

This is a feeling of freedom, of inner peace, of compassion.

It is not good, nor is it bad. It is the essence of who we are.

As I write I can see my cells moving, I can see my heart beat. I am alive.

You are alive.

Open up your heart and step out of the illusion.

Feel yourself again.

This is all there is.

Again, I am not telling you what to do. Maybe your role, your choice is to continue to doubt your divine greatness. To debate about the evil, the dark.

So be it.

All I see within you is the divine greatness.

All I feel is us being one.

I love you.

I am grateful for you being in my life, giving me the opportunity to remind me of who we are.

Consciousness is who we are. This is how I call it. Unconditional love.

I feel alive.

I am free.

And you are too.

We all are.

There is calm, there is stillness.

A beautiful void. Just as a blank canvas. Ready to be painted on. My creational inspiration has no limits.

I don’t even need to use a brush and colors. Only by imagining it, I paint a picture.

I love you unconditionally.

You are here with me. You have many names, forms of appearance. It doesn’t matter if your soul went back home, or whether you are the man who steps on my toes at the grocery store, because you didn’t see me… We are all one.

In this field of consciousness we are all united. I can hear you whisper, I can feel this unconditional love you share. I can feel your healing words when I doubt.

I love you.

I am love. I am consciousness. Just as you. 


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