paradise within…

just be.
forget the outside.
enjoy the paradise.
of your within.
where all is free.
& driven by love.
where words are not required.
where your heart speaks volumes.
where all is comforting.
all is blissful.
all is perfect.
that is your world.
that is my world.
join me anytime.
close your eyes & travel.
shut out your senses.
just feel.
with your heart.
it will bring you to me.
i love you.
i am your heartbeat.
we are one…

4 thoughts on “paradise within…

  1. The great oneness of love permeates all of our being, all of our realtionships, if we allow it to truly and purely embrace our hearts and sprits! And many will see the bright light that shines forth from our every endeavor…and the touch their spirits feel will be the touch of His unending, eternal bliss! Magnificent Anil!

    • they do, wendell…love is everywhere – we just need to accept it…thank you for your wonderful comments always…lots of love
      ps: i’m ahaan’s dad – so brother would be more like it 🙂 – but what does it really matter, right??

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