our love is the truth…

i love you.
know that.
our love is the truth.
our love is everlasting.
through eons.
through generations.
through all time.
our love is beautiful.
our love is pure.
our love is truth.
our love is God.
i love you always.
know that.
it’s the only truth.
i love you.
i’m with you.
i’m within you.
i’m love.
i’m truth.
i’m God.

2 thoughts on “our love is the truth…

  1. Love should always be unconditional. And yet we put so many conditions in our human love as we own and hold fearing that others shall take. We haven’t begun to understand such love which we are held within our Cosmic Fathers Universe where all is equal and All are ONE. And where ALL IS LOVE in creation. Blessing sent this Sunday Anil to you and yours. Sue x

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