just love…

this is it.
the end of the magic ride.
gather your thoughts & feelings.
put them together & … junk them!!
where you are headed, there’s no room for thoughts & feelings.
there’s just love.
for all.
this is it.
come into my love.
i love you.

love defines you…

the sparkle of your love will achieve all you need to achieve.
it will scale the highest peak.
it will reach the bottom of the deepest ocean.
& everything in between.
give love for the sake of love.
for the sake of union.
all that’s gone & all that’s to come is erased & created by love.
your love is what defines you.
what you leave behind.
let it be pure, so it may live on in eternity.
just as you will.
with me.
in our love.

the power of love…

learn about the power of love.
& what it can do.
there is no magic potion greater than love.
it spreads joy, happiness & smiles.
it involves others as your SELF.
it is true selfless giving.
it is the understanding of oneness,
it is the understanding of your SELF.
whom are you giving love to other than your SELF?
that is realization.
you, & everyone else are the same.
in every way.
so, by loving others, you are only loving your SELF.
& by loving your SELF, you are loving all.
let these words form the basis of your existence.
love is all there is.
love is all there ever will be.
it’s your greatest treasure.
the most valuable gift you shall ever receive.
the most valuable gift you shall ever give.
this world lacks the love that should be filling it.
this world lacks the happiness that is rightfully its natural state.
you are on a path filled with love.
flowing with forgiveness.
blooming with compassion.
stay on this path.
light every extinguished candle in your way.
so that each candle burns with the flame of love.
& in turn lights other candles,
which will soon envelope the world, this illusion, in the light of love.
then, there will be very little difference even between the illusion & reality.
isn’t that true oneness too?
i love you forever.
i smile because i am filled with love.
just like you.
& for you…

meher 4…

You are infinite, you are really everywhere, but you think you are the body, and therefore consider yourself limited. If you look within & experience your own soul in its true nature, you will realize that you are infinite & beyond all creation.
– Meher Baba

feel the calmness within…

feel the calmness within.
it exists.
in abundance.
open up to it.
dissolve in it.
let it consume you.
right now it’s just flashes.
let it become complete.
immerse yourself in your own divinity.
let the light of your love permeate through your being.
let it shine forth.
let it be an example of what love can do.
how it can conquer.
how it can transform.
you are forever in His love.
let others forever be in your love.
this is the only way.
unconditional love.
the day this defines you, you would have achieved all there is to achieve.
then the illusion will be totally useless to you.
you will remain unaffected by everything because you will only love.
nothing else will matter.
nothing else will have a hold over you.
your love will unshackle every chain that binds you to this illusion.
set yourself free with love.
& more love.
I love you…

i’m alive…

i’m alive & well.
alive in the true sense.
everything around me is bathed in light.
pure light.
everything is real.
everything is love.
this is reality.
see beyond your illusion.
keeping staring into it till it disappears naturally.
shredded by truth.
unveiled by love.
my love.
your love.
always keep love in your hearts.
it’s the only way.
i keep saying that because it needs to be reinforced.
till it is part of your being.
your conscious being.
i love you.
i’m alive & well.
so are you…


He was.
He is.
He always will be.
we are fortunate to be one with Him.
one with each other.
count the blessings that are showered on you.
wean yourself away from this illusion.
love is the way.
show love to all.
& watch boundaries slip away.
watch mirages vanish.
watch how the illusion turns to reality.
watch how the truth becomes apparent.
our truth.
of oneness.
of love.
He loves you.
He’s yours & everyone else’s.

the seed, the water & the sunshine…

everything is within.
the seed, the water & the sunshine.
it’s your choice how to nurture the flower that must bloom within.
all your choice.
each of us has this choice to make.
all is within us.
make your within so beautiful that all you see is beauty even on the outside.
there is no other way to recognize the beauty of your own creation.
no other way to be in harmony with your own creation.
the outside is just a reflection of your within.
the calmer the within, the more peaceful the illusion.
the more strife within, the more the walls of the illusion close in on you.
be the still lake.
existing in the knowledge that all is perfect.
only then will all be perfect.
there is no other way.
situations will come & go.
some resolved, some not.
all irrelevant.
the only thing that matters is how you nurture your within.
which flower would you like to see bloom?
this life is as beautiful as you make it.
but your existence is beautiful no matter what you do.
do you get that?
everything is.
nothing changes that.
the illusion is what moves around like the set of a movie.
recognize that & nothing will matter.
be the observer.
just be.
all that is transient will pass.
it has to.
because it doesn’t really exist.
it is NOT real.
you are real.
your being is real.
your soul is real.
your within is real.
your love is real.
& all these are real because they are the same in all.
true equality.
recognize this sameness.
this bond between every soul.
it’s the divine in you.
it’s your Godliness.
it’s your realization…