The Sunshine Award & The One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Wendy, for nominating us for these awards. Our blog is straight from the heart & when it touches the hearts of others, you know there’s a connection. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Once again, Wendy – thank you!!

In addition to Wendy, we’d like to nominate the following blogs which have really touched us, given us strength, given us hope, given us joy &, most of all, given us love. To all of them a huge THANK YOU for being in our lives. Lots of love & God bless always…

Caro – with whom an unshakeable bond has been forged – something simply beyond comprehension & words

Sirenia – who’s words drip with beauty & spin vivid pictures of wonder & joy

afkear – thanks for the wonderful words. truly mesmerizing. always a sense of mystique. and also a fellow Rumi-lover πŸ™‚

Sue Dreamwalker – who makes this dream so delightful with her words

Steph – who’s perennially on our list of favourite blogs

Wendell Brown – whom we just don’t thank enough for his wonderful poetry & his beautiful comments

In-blue – beautiful words always. beautiful thoughts. an absolutely super blog. sorry we don’t comment enough, though.

Deborah – who is a great friend & who’s a light in our lives

Subhan – who’s constantly encouraging & has a beautiful blog that is a pleasure to read

Ram-O-Ram – who’s words are wise & bring immense peace within

Shakti – whom we consider a friend in spite of not really being in touch that often

11 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award & The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Guten Morgen aus Paris !

    How are youuuu ?

    Danke fΓΌr die Nomination ! Some early bird German lessons from cool chick to old fogey, ja ja ja…


    I am deeply touched, and I will check out what I have to do now.

    Ahaan is super happy and he wants some music now, so I will go and play “Can you feel it” from the Jackson 5.

    Anil, you and your family, by simply being, existing, showed and made me feel sooo much. Oneness, love, all that is. I have no words. All I know is that we are all love. Always. The rest is an illusion… an experience.

    VoilΓ  cher ami, I will dance to the coffee machine now and then get ready for a new day full of lovely experiences πŸ™‚

    Love to you and your family… CAN YOU FEEL IT ?


    • E!!!!!!!! Guten Morgen aus Bombay !

      I’m doing grrrreat πŸ™‚

      Cool chicks have a habit of being top of mind, don’t they πŸ™‚ especially for old fogeys!! Hahaha

      You deserve the award, E. Truly. Your words are bliss. Sheer truth & nothing but. We really look forward to reading your blog.

      Ahaan is always super happy. You better be careful – he’s quite a handful :). It’s amazing this bond that’s developed between us. You don’t need words, E. Just feel the love & the oneness – that’s all. We feel it too. Absolutely amazing journey we’re on, isn’t it. Going within!!!

      Have a coffee for me too – a nice cup of cappuccino would be perfect πŸ™‚

      Lots of love always,

  2. Thank you again Anil for this lovely blessing, two wonderful awards at the same time. I like to also congratulate you and my fellow bloggers…as we are all one together in what we always do! Thanks for the tremendous hug!

  3. Sharing my profound personal thoughts is a great growing and enriching experience. However to have it be appreciated and recognized is profound to me. Thank you my friend.

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