lost in silence…

i’m lost in silence.
swimming in the ocean of love.
what a beautiful existence.
this is it!!
there’s only love.
whichever way you look.
whichever way you go.
love is inescapable.
allow it to engulf you.
wash over you.
like a strong current.
let go.
let it take you.
carry you to the ocean of love.
so we can be together there.
i love you…

2 thoughts on “lost in silence…

  1. His ocean is always full and never empty, and what we receive we should always share, and lift the kindred spirits of our fellow brothers and sisters! Glorifying Him as we do. Beautiful post this morning my sister!

  2. Great vision Anil….It is coming soon. It will be our time to unfurl and become love and joy in our new world. Until then we must continue to swim in the current of love we create here and now in the old world. We can have it wherever we are! Blessings my friend….VK

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