we are joined at the soul…

we are joined at the soul.
not a part but the whole.
breaking through barriers,
merging boundaries.
rising over the triviality of life & death.
we are joined at the soul.
not apart but whole…

3 thoughts on “we are joined at the soul…

  1. Anil, such beautiful words and likewise its message to greet me this morning! I needed that! Thanks for the love you always share from your heart…it is so meaning ful to many more than you can see from a click! Much love to you my sister, and may you and your family have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

  2. Welcome back! Love this…Short and loving and packed full of insight…We are becoming joined even more powerfully now, you can begin to feel the actual shift we have taken at long last. It is glorious and so are you guys! Blessings and gentle peace to you all….VK

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