tear away the illusion (repost)…

see all around.
it’s an illusion.
created by the inner most recesses of your mind.
your illusion.
put your hand right through it.
tear it away.
you can, if you believe.
do it.
reveal yourself.
reveal me.
as we really are.
with each other.
with God.
tear away the illusion.
within your mind.
and then from your senses.
see everything as it really is.

6 thoughts on “tear away the illusion (repost)…

  1. “put your hand right through it” … This is what I always explain to my friends, when I try to explain reality, just like in the film “Matrix”… I do it in my dreams… Didn’t get there yet here. Maybe because I still doubt ? Or maybe I am too formatted ? Sometimes when I walk I ask myself when does matter become matter ? When my foot touches the ground ? Or is it already before, when I open my eyes, because I know what to “expect”, what to “see” ? …

    One thing I know is true (for me)
    Love Is.
    We Are One.

    This I feel it all within, this is what makes me smile and live in compassion for everyone in this illusion…

    So many things happening, your messages always come in the ‘right’ moment.

    Smiles, love,

  2. I am waiting for the day we no longer have to talk about illusion because we have pushed on through it to the other side! Will we get to witness this breakthrough? I sure hope so. Keep pushing Anil! Thanks….VK

  3. Hi Anil,

    So what indeed is this illusion? Could it be a vision or do we need to consign it to the category of delusion? Science tells us that our right brain does have the capacity to “create” whole pictures of possibilities. To many of us, this quality in others may be percieved as illusion.

    As I think of all this, I get a germ of an idea for a future post. So thank you.


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