in response to – “do you still believe in the dark / evil / bad? why?”…

Yesterday I read a post that really got me thinking – it’s probably amongst the best posts I’ve read over the past year. It was called: “Do You Believe In The Dark / Evil / Bad? Why?”
(suggest you guys read it).

It’s a question, I’m sure most battle with…what about the dark / evil / bad forces?? You are so right. They’re all us. Instead of battling them, we should let them go their merry way. Aren’t we strengthening them by giving them space in our minds – reinforcing the power the wield over us? And who really are “they”??

Once we realize the oneness of all – of everything, then maybe we start accepting everyone & everything as being the same. So where are the dark / evil forces then??? It’s all within isn’t it? Everything!! It’s like this movie we’re all producing / directing for ourselves. Everyone out there is playing a role & that’s all it is – a role!! There is no good & evil – there just is. There is no right & wrong – there just is. There is no you & me – there just is. There is nothing but existence. Oneness. Love. Harmony. Peace. Bliss. That’s all there really is. And it’s here right now. We don’t need to wait till the December 2012 or May 2029 or September 2078 – it’s here right now. In our hearts. All the love you need. All the peace you need. All the oneness you need. Everything is in our hearts. Within. It’s so beautiful. It has to be. It’s God…

Thank you again, E. This was an awesome post.

1 thought on “in response to – “do you still believe in the dark / evil / bad? why?”…

  1. Good Day to you Anil ! … You said Danke ! Don’t thank me….

    When we come to realise or feel these things, it is because the collective consciousness is beautifully getting stronger each day. It is being filled with more and more love. From ALL of us, all over the world. It is really reflecting our hearts, our souls remembering the wonderful beings they are. It spreads !

    … Team-Work at its best 🙂

    It is the result of each of our souls knowing that there was something else, right ?

    After having written the post yesterday, I went outside for a walk. My crown chakra went bananas, as if bubbles filled it up… I almost fainted in the street, my head was turning and I thought “What the heck ???” And then, a pure feeling of lightness, of stillness. Freedom.
    You describe this feeling in yesterday’s post “wake up”. This is how I felt, how I feel.
    Free. Fresh. Funny. Fearless.

    And when moments of fear come back ? Well, then because I let them in, I invited them back… But how will I be able to forget how wonderful it feels outside the illusion ? Impossible, it is engraved in my heart, and nobody can take it away from me there… As nobody can take anything away from what we feel within…

    Have the most lovely day, love to you and your family, always,

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