wake up…

this is the dream you need to awake from.
all around you is the web of illusion.
claw through it.
till you see the light with nothing blocking it.
just pure consciousness.
with no needs.
no requirements.
free from the bondage of the body & mind.
wake up.
the dream is loosening its grip on you.
blessed are you.
the chains are slowly giving way to freedom.
freedom of your spirit & soul.
freedom to be love.
freedom to be your SELF.
the time is now.
to shine through this dream state.
beyond the illusion, He is waiting.
He is your reality.
He is your love.
He is nothing but your own consciousness…

4 thoughts on “wake up…

      • I know, we have a deal…. I knoooooooow, but it comes from the heart ! I asked Ahaan last night to give me some answers to some questions, and I fell asleep… (hey, me old fogey too ! Turning 39 in a month’s time…) And this morning at 6:25AM I opened my eyes (puffy) and checked my mails before even having a coffee … and I read this ! This is it. And the fabulous fact: it’s an answer for all of us, as we are one.
        So, yes… DANKE hahahahahaha

        Much love, a big laugh and twinkle with the eye (still puffy) ;-))

      • Theres just so much love & oneness, isnt there everywhere you look…glad Ahaan is at it for all of us. E, he was my biggest attachment in life my life started & ended with him. Now my soul is one with his (yep its an answer for all of us, as we are one!). What more can I ask out of life?? My life is complete. Bliss 🙂 – but hey no more going back on a deal. Deal? 😉

        Lots of love always, you old fogey too 😉 Anil

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