let go of it all…

let go of it all.
every moment that’s gone.
good or bad.
nothing matters but this moment.
live your life in this moment.
your life in the past doesn’t exist.
nothing exists but this moment.
do it all now.
don’t wait for anything.
your life is only now.
have the belief that all is good.
not just good, but great.
this belief will give birth to an untenable faith that all is ok.
because all really is ok.
all is perfect.
this is it.
this is now.
this moment.
the only moment.
love now.
live now.
laugh now.
be alive now.
forgive now.
let go of it all now…

4 thoughts on “let go of it all…

  1. BONJOUR !

    So true !

    And still sometimes the past pops up, but that’s ok too. Just let it flow, look into Ahaan’s smiling eyes and “Jog on ! No drama, just rock’n roll” :-))

    Sending you and the whole family much love,

  2. I cannot begin to envision the world where everyone finally learns to let go! My goodness it will be unlike anything we have ever known! I know how it feels in my own tiny world and that is pretty awesome….I’m looking forward to this. Hope I’m here to live in it… 🙂 Love to all….. VK

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