beautiful journey…

what a beautiful journey this is.
take the leap of faith.
float through this life.
walking on air.
cushioned by clouds.
all is good.
all taken care of.
blessed is the journey you are on.
conquer every fear.
conquer every emotion.
conquer every thought.
till nothing is left but the self.
the soul.
the nothing.
& in this nothing you will find everything.
find me.
find you.
& find God.
in eternal union…

7 thoughts on “beautiful journey…

  1. So funny that you write this… “in this nothing you will find everything” This is so much what I feel. This is were I find myself and the ‘folks’ (this is how I call them when they are all there…).

    It is so soothing. It is us. Everyone.

    People will get there more and more. I know that there are many, and now I talk about the awaken persons, who are still getting angry, who still spend a lot of time debating the ‘good vs the bad’. There are many telling me that here is no light without darkness. I know this works here in duality, but isn’t this just an illusion ? A reflection of our mind ? As all I feel and see is stillness, this void and there is nothing else than peace.

    I don’t believe in darkness anymore. I don’t believe in anger or fear anymore.

    I accept it when it pops up, I embrace it and let go, but I don’t believe in it as the flip side of our being, of our true essence. But as a simple reflection of our mind, enhanced through this program. But not willing to identify myself with it. (sure, sometimes it’s stronger than me, and then hop ! I do… bugger 🙂 But then, don’t we have friends and other helpers, beings to remind us, that deep inside, we know better ? …

    Reflections of a cool chick at 8AM … Voilà, off I am, to grab another cup of coffee.

    Leaving you with the smell of fresh coffee, a twinkle from my still puffy eyes (as each morning) and a smile and a hug 🙂


    • E,

      I think youve taken quantum leaps beyond belief it is just fabulous to see someone so accepting of everything & so positive. Bravo!!

      It is our good fortune to have wonderful people/ souls like you in our lives maybe we will learn a thing or two 🙂

      Your thoughts or rather outlook towards life is inspiring & just very commendable. Yes, we have friends & helpers all of us do but how many listen? The truth is within everybody its the noise of the illusion that doesnt allow some of us to hear. And in saying that I am already passing judgment which I hate doing!! That is ego in a way too, isnt it?

      Well, the reflections of a cool chick at 8 am have given plenty of food for thought for an old fogey at 12:15 pm 🙂

      I think I need a cup of coffee too :)…smiles & a hug to you too. And, cool chick thank you 🙂

      Lots of love, Anil

      • True. Your point of the ego. HAHAHAHA and who am I to say so. I say that for myself, and I know that this doesn’t have to be true for anyone else.

        It is all within. All from heart to heart, not from mouth to mind.

        Sometimes I wonder if I even need to write my posts. Theoretically we don’t need it… We have all within, but in times of doubt (as they arise, n’est-ce pas) it is good to have a read…

        Oh dear, what did I think when I said “Oh, I want to go back to duality !” I am sure I thought “And this time, I will remember… right from the beginning…” and then it took me 37 years… but then again, this is nothing, as where we come from, as within there is no time, no space. So 37 years of illusion, how much is this in eternity ? In our hearts ? Not even a twinkle of my puffy right eye I guess… Still speaking in measures, trying to comprehend..

        OK, off I go… Walking the walk into a new sunny day 🙂

        Much love,

  2. No words to expound on what you have already written Anil! Yes, it is a beautiful and humbling journey and feel so grateful to be able to be here at this magical time 🙂 Thanks friend…VK

  3. Anil you know, even within the Dreamwalker’s Journey at times I am so swamped by emotion…
    reading what you have put within these simple but most profound words it makes me humbled.. And All I need do is Breatheeeeeeeeeeeee….. in the Peace Anil and let everything just Beeeeeeeeeee…. Thank you for reminding me and giving me yet another ‘Sign’ along the road…
    Blessings to you Anil and to you family…..

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