the truth & the illusion…

realize the truth.
& the illusion.
both are within you.
your illusion can be as real as you let it be.
your reality can be as distant or near as you want it to be.
all is within.
there is no outside.
it’s a dream.
wake up anytime to be with me.
in reality.
reality is our oneness.
our union.
merged as the one soul that we are.
all that is here.
all that is gone.
is nothing compared to all that’s to come.
true oneness.
i love you.
you are my within.

with me always…

you are with me always.
in your favorite residing place.
i feel you.
i see you.
i know you’re there.
i love you.
all is beautiful.
so beautiful.
i can’t stop smiling.
i love you.
something special is happening.
blessings are being showered on me.
we are one.
all done.
all one.

i am you…

The Sunshine Award & The One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Wendy, for nominating us for these awards. Our blog is straight from the heart & when it touches the hearts of others, you know there’s a connection. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Once again, Wendy – thank you!!

In addition to Wendy, we’d like to nominate the following blogs which have really touched us, given us strength, given us hope, given us joy &, most of all, given us love. To all of them a huge THANK YOU for being in our lives. Lots of love & God bless always…

Caro – with whom an unshakeable bond has been forged – something simply beyond comprehension & words

Sirenia – who’s words drip with beauty & spin vivid pictures of wonder & joy

afkear – thanks for the wonderful words. truly mesmerizing. always a sense of mystique. and also a fellow Rumi-lover 🙂

Sue Dreamwalker – who makes this dream so delightful with her words

Steph – who’s perennially on our list of favourite blogs

Wendell Brown – whom we just don’t thank enough for his wonderful poetry & his beautiful comments

In-blue – beautiful words always. beautiful thoughts. an absolutely super blog. sorry we don’t comment enough, though.

Deborah – who is a great friend & who’s a light in our lives

Subhan – who’s constantly encouraging & has a beautiful blog that is a pleasure to read

Ram-O-Ram – who’s words are wise & bring immense peace within

Shakti – whom we consider a friend in spite of not really being in touch that often

one & the same…

what you are going through is necessary.
it’s all part of the grand “dis-illusion”
breaking free from it all.
returning to that center within your heart.
the place there the only reality resides.
that we are one.
look at everything as a stepping stone to getting there.
to being there 24×7.
that’s all it is.
every moment you navigate is a moment closer to being there.
isn’t that wonderful.
you are closer now than when you started reading this.
even closer now.
this journey is wonderful.
the destination even more wonderful.
enjoy it all.
every moment.
you will realize soon that there really is no journey.
you are already where you’re meant to be.
it’s just realizing that.
you can look at your journey as nothing but coming to realize the truth.
the truth is the same .
you are the same.
the same.
but do you know that?
with certainty?
all the time?
every waking moment?
can you distinguish between reality & illusion?
this is your goal.
get there.
you already are there!
everyone is.
but how many truly know it?
i love you.
beyond belief.
beyond the realms that exist.
i am all.
& all are me.
we are existence.
we are consciousness.
one & the same…

be love…

my love is like the wave with no trough.
my love is like the tide with no ebb.
get washed away with the wave.
& swim in the tide.
this is the ocean of love that you find yourselves in.
give in to this beautiful love.
let go of it all.
you natural state.
be love…

lost in silence…

i’m lost in silence.
swimming in the ocean of love.
what a beautiful existence.
this is it!!
there’s only love.
whichever way you look.
whichever way you go.
love is inescapable.
allow it to engulf you.
wash over you.
like a strong current.
let go.
let it take you.
carry you to the ocean of love.
so we can be together there.
i love you…

love is the driving force…

this is a beautiful way to live.
there is only love in your heart.
there is only love in your being.
love is the driving force of your life.
love is the driving force of your existence.
how can it not be when we are all the same?
how can it not be if our consciousness is one?
all this life is teaching you is love.
all every life teaches you is love.
love is all.
all is love.
i love you.
i love you.
love is the only way i know.
i love you…

tear away the illusion (repost)…

see all around.
it’s an illusion.
created by the inner most recesses of your mind.
your illusion.
put your hand right through it.
tear it away.
you can, if you believe.
do it.
reveal yourself.
reveal me.
as we really are.
with each other.
with God.
tear away the illusion.
within your mind.
and then from your senses.
see everything as it really is.