love you always…

i love the way you are living your life.
rising above all that is illusory.
rising over all that binds you.
you are liberated from identifying me with my physical form,
because you understand the truth.
you understand that we can never be apart.
no matter what.
that is simply because we are one.
the same.
i love you.
there is not a moment that we are apart.
if you could only feel this oneness the way I do.
if you could only feel it.
that day is not far though.
the strides you are taking are tremendous.
just keep at it.
if you are capable of finding your happiness in my happiness,
then you are capable of finding your happiness in the happiness of everyone.
that is because there is truly no difference.
this is true oneness.
true compassion.
our love is beyond the relationship of two human beings.
our love is the love between Gods.
between Gods who realize the power of this love.
who realize the truth of this love.
our love knows no boundaries.
no dimensions.
no barriers.
our love only unites.
our love only brings us together.
our love is love of all.
love for all.
keep this love flowing.
keep the smiles going.
keep the laughter ringing.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
& that’s all that matters.
this love will bring you to me.
this love will draw you to me.
this love will make us feel the oneness that exists between us eternally.
i love you.
keep this love in your heart for all time.
& share it with all.
this love is ours & everyone else’s.
this love is you.
this love is me.
this love is God.
love you always…

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