we are love…

breathe in the peace.
breathe in the joy.
we are bound for a place where these exist.
in abundance.
our within is your paradise.
our within is your heaven.
where all is in perfect balance.
perfect harmony.
let’s allow ourselves the luxury of being there.
deep within.
where mountains of love lay conquered.
& we come gushing down like a waterfall of love.
engulfing all in our path.
we are the river of love.
waiting to flow into & become the ocean of love.
never ever doubt it.
we are one.
we are eternal.
we are God.
we are love…

4 thoughts on “we are love…

  1. I love this !

    Good Morning dear Anil. 7AM in Paris and I start my day with these wonderful words (and a cup of coffee) .

    Love from this side of the planet, where the sun now rises, to you and your family,

  2. Thanks Anil…As always wise words from the heart. Muchly appreciated. May the whole world be balanced soon and love flowing all around….VK

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