a step away (repost)…

a step away.
that’s what you are.
just one step.
from eternal bliss.
from the oneness that is us.
from everything beautiful & peaceful.
just a step away.
take the leap of faith.
cross the boundary that still holds you back.
see the illusion for what it is.
all you need to do.
just recognize it.
let it be.
let it exist as it does.
remember, you’ve created it.
but now you need to transcend it.
“live” in the illusion, but live outside it too.
makes sense?
it does.
it just means live your life in the illusion you’ve created.
but be aware that it’s the illusion.
reality exists in your heart.
where God exists.
where we exist as one.
that no one can change.
that’s the truth.
everything winds down here.
everything comes into being here.
the beginning & the end lie here.
in your heart.
with God.
open your heart to the miracle that you are.
open your heart to the miracle everyone is.
open your heart to the oneness.
open your heart to the joy of being.
let go.
everything is ok.
everything is winding down just as it should.
you’re just a step away.
just a step away…

3 thoughts on “a step away (repost)…

  1. So good to read Ahaan.
    Danke 🙂


    Quick Question: How do I get this ugly little Green smiley away from my “like” icon ? It looks not nice, not cool-chick-ish at all hahaha

    • always good to read your posts too. the similarities are so obvious – the truth is one right? one truth, one existence, all oneness…
      today is ahaan’s 14th birthday – but then again we’ve really stopped believing in birthdays & death anniversaries because the soul lives on, & in such beautiful ways.
      cool chick, it’s an honour to be your friend & to be able to read your wonderful messages.
      lots of love,

      PS: i have no idea what smiley you’re talking about. you’re the cool chick with or without it :)…

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