you are God (part 19 – repost)

don’t thank me.
don’t thank anyone.
but your SELF.
you are responsible for all the wonderful things happening in your life.
and they are wonderful things, even if you can’t recognize them.
be trusting.
be alert.
everything, however miniscule, is a thing of beauty.
of magic.
it’s your creation.
it’s your contribution to the might of the universe.
your universe.
the one that’s constantly being re-invented by you.
can’t you see your power?
can’t you fathom your strength?
that you can do anything.
it is all in your hands.
every decision you make.
every choice you make.
determines the future of your universe.
it is only you that dictates to the universe what needs to be done.
only you that is deciding how the universe acts & reacts.
only you.
only YOU!!
see it for what it is.
see yourself what you are.
you are GOD!!
as all are GOD!!
be careful what you choose.
be careful what you decide.
let the God in you help you.
trust you will be guided.
do whatever you do with love & compassion.
then you’ve served your SELF.
you’ve served your universe.
and you’ve served the GOD within.
the greatest gift.
the greatest lesson there is to learn.
i LOVE you.
you are God…

3 thoughts on “you are God (part 19 – repost)

  1. Dearest Aarti, dearest Anil,

    Good day to you. Your words are answers to my recent changes in life. I will send you a mail later. There have been many things going on. And I know what you mean with “the work being done” in the morning.

    My mail will tell you more about this.
    Sorry for not having replied earlier, but there is so much bliss happening. So many messages coming in, that I don’t stop typing. Saving. Sleeping. Then transmissions (if I can call it like this) coming through again.

    Please, please do not feel honored for whatsoever. I shall feel this.
    It is like our “deal”.
    We are one. We are a living example of how powerful we are.
    Ahaan lead us to “see and feel” what it is about.

    If our hearts weren’t wide open, if we didn’t trust our heart, which speaks to us, if we didn’t believe in our oh so powerful existence, then we weren’t able to remember all this.
    As it is remembering; we are. All of us. Al-One. I love this.

    I am unable to express my happiness and gratefulness that we found each other. So I will whisper it, I will listen to the silence within. As it is in the silence of wisdom, of our heart that the biggest power of us as wonderful beings reside.

    Time is ready, has come to remember it.
    Not that there was a special date needed, but sometimes we are human… hahahaha But let me put it into Ahaan’s words to me “You don’t really have another choice, darling. There is no way back hahahaha Welcome to the real world. Welcome back home. Welcome to Oneness. Welcome to what is and always has been. Hey, don’t look so serious ! Listen to some music and relax. It’s fun ! It’s playtime. What in your life so far has been easier than following your heart ? … See ! And if you have doubts, read my words. I know you do. But read them again. My father always will “tell you” … We are one.”

    Lovely A-Team, I will be back later. I need to go outside and sit down on some lawn, just close to some nature. It is over-whelming what happens. I still tend to forget to breathe… bugger hahaha

    Okey dokey, and off to the bathroom I will walk… I will charge my iPod, my computer and will then go outside and write… There is so much coming in.. it is bliss and love.

    From my heart to yours. Always.

    In deep gratefulness, always,

    PS How much more wonderful can our world get ? How much more proof do we need ? Don’t we know already ? Don’t we feel the fuel of life running through our veins already ? Bless all of us, every human being, every soul. As we are one. Forgivingness and Love. Let it be. Let us be.

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