word of the day…

the word of the day is alone.
reflect on it.
it says so much.
it’s the key to everything.
we come into this world alone.
we leave this world alone.
isn’t it amazing?
that’s truly how we are.
the next time you say you are alone, be happy,
‘coz you’re really al-one.
with everyone & everything…

2 thoughts on “word of the day…

  1. Al-One
    Yes, we are always alone … AL-ONE.
    How wonderfully accurate language can be sometimes… It depends on the perspective with which we read and speak it… Love-perspective 🙂
    Danke for reminding us.

  2. Love it Anil ! Great comparison. Thanks for that message. Hope all is well over there. Blessings to each of you….VK

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