be the love…

i love you.
this is my message for you.
for all time to come.
i love you.
this is not love in the normal sense of the word.
this is way beyond.
this is a love where no words are required.
nothing needs to be spoken.
it’s a feeling.
one that warms your heart.
warms your being.
& you are just secure in the knowledge of this love.
nothing else needs to be expressed.
it just is.
& it remains.
this is the love we share.
this is what makes us one.
this beautiful feeling.
feel it.
more & more.
till it consumes you.
till you exist as a manifestation of love.
& nothing else.
that’s when you will truly begin radiating it.
spreading it.
be the love.
be the love you feel.
i know you feel it.
because i can feel it.
and we are the same.

2 thoughts on “be the love…

  1. Great words of wisdom…Love back at you Anil….Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend surrounded in love. Be well and Blessings….VK

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