love your family…

every ounce of love within you is worth more than all the gold in the world.the magic, the power of love is immeasurable.
use it.
as you already are.
bring about world peace.
you can.
blessed are you to have so much love in your life.
blessed are you to be loved by so many.
count your blessings & spread this love far & wide.
this life is filled with love.
feel it.
show it to all.
let it reach out.
love your family.
but remember, your family is ALL creation…

2 thoughts on “love your family…

  1. Given all we see going on in the world I have to wonder if people ever stop to really consider things like being loved, by whom, how much. That is the kind of thing that gets taken for granted and its worth never fully felt or appreciated. These are things we all need to stop and take time to think about and bring into our awareness. Sit down with a pencil and paper and ask yourself who loves me, how much, how do they show it, how do I know they love me, do I love them, do I love others, do I show them? Very important to reconnect within ourselves. Good one Anil and yes, we are ALL ONE !!! Blessings…VK

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