you are love…

it’s all about love.
all your actions, words & thoughts must stem from love.
they must have their foundations deep-rooted in love.
then you will will rise.
& it won’t even matter to you if you do or not.
because you will be filled with selfless love.
what happens to you will no longer be of concern to you.
the only thing that will matter is love.
love all like you love Him.
that’s all you need to do.
love is what it’s all about.
love is divinity.
love is God.
you are God.
so you must be love too.
realize this.
you are love.
you have to be.
there is no other way.
only love.
love conquers.
love is.
love will always be.
& you are the epitome of love.

3 thoughts on “you are love…

  1. Love will change your life, literally! It is amazing to watch the transformation take place. I hope people at least try living this way for they will be stunned by what happens. Thanks for this post Anil. Appreciate it and its wonderful reminder….. Blessings to you all….VK

  2. It is like when i was asleep that you came and danced and read what was in my heart and spirit! You read me like a book Anil, but i know that you are also like that too, my beloved sister! Thanks for your blessing today! May your also share in the same love and blessings that you delivered to paper for all!

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