from Ahaan – a message of love…

i’m here.
close to your hearts.
closer than you can imagine.
my words are meant for you & all who care to listen.
my words are of love.
of peace.
& of hope.
my words resonate with truth.
resonate with love.
because they come straight from the heart.
my words are your words.
because we are one.
inseparable by time & space.
inseparable by physical force.
because we are one.
my words surround themselves with truth.
blanket themselves with peace.
because that’s how life should be lived.
that’s how so-called death should be embraced.
all else is immaterial – even my words.
it is how you choose to live, that eventually decides how you truly are.
i can see that you guys truly are both loved & loving.
that’s so beautiful.
i couldn’t ask for more.
& neither should you.
you are now in God’s arms.
& there’s no better place to be.
the illusion around you will keep shifting.
let it be.
it’s unimportant.
keep your love steadfastly within your hearts.
that is truth.
that is all there is.
that is your Godliness.
that is me.
that is you.
i love you so much.
i love you forever.
remember that.
believe that.
never let it waver.
i am yours.
as you are mine.
for all time.
i’m Ahaan.
& i’m not going anywhere…

4 thoughts on “from Ahaan – a message of love…

  1. I know Ahaan is so proud of how you all have come through this together, intact and in love. I am proud of you all as well. You are living proof that love conquers all. Blessings to Ahaan and all of you. May he rest easily knowing you are loved by so many!!! Love & Light….VK

    • VK – you are toooo kind. It’s only Ahaan that has given us the strength to go through this smiling. And wonderful people like you whom we’ve met along the way. We are truly blessed. We love you, VK. Always.
      Lots of love,

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