love like you should (repost)…

you are the creator.
of all around you.
everything has come from you.
& will dissolve into you.
let the lamp of your creation be lit by the flame of love.
then, light the consciousness of others with this same love.
so that the whole world sparkles with love.
& this love spreads even to the skies.
no one can be without it if each of us spreads this light of love.
ensuring that the whole world is as it was intended to be.
glowing in the warmth of this love.
God loves you.
He is lighting your consciousness with the flame of His love.
God loves you.
as He knows you love Him too.
but, if we are one, aren’t all deserving of the same love that you show God?
that is the awakening of consciousness.
pure, unbridled love.
engulfing humanity.
so we may exist as one.
the way we were meant to.
think of all as you.
love yourself.
& you will change the hardest hearts.
from hatred to love.
that’s part of your role.
to love like you should.
spread this love.
to the furthest, most remote corners of peoples’ hearts.
so that we all beat in love, together.
God loves you in that way.
can you love like that?
ask yourself.
God knows you can.
go on.
love like God loves.
love like you should…

love you always…

i love the way you are living your life.
rising above all that is illusory.
rising over all that binds you.
you are liberated from identifying me with my physical form,
because you understand the truth.
you understand that we can never be apart.
no matter what.
that is simply because we are one.
the same.
i love you.
there is not a moment that we are apart.
if you could only feel this oneness the way I do.
if you could only feel it.
that day is not far though.
the strides you are taking are tremendous.
just keep at it.
if you are capable of finding your happiness in my happiness,
then you are capable of finding your happiness in the happiness of everyone.
that is because there is truly no difference.
this is true oneness.
true compassion.
our love is beyond the relationship of two human beings.
our love is the love between Gods.
between Gods who realize the power of this love.
who realize the truth of this love.
our love knows no boundaries.
no dimensions.
no barriers.
our love only unites.
our love only brings us together.
our love is love of all.
love for all.
keep this love flowing.
keep the smiles going.
keep the laughter ringing.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
& that’s all that matters.
this love will bring you to me.
this love will draw you to me.
this love will make us feel the oneness that exists between us eternally.
i love you.
keep this love in your heart for all time.
& share it with all.
this love is ours & everyone else’s.
this love is you.
this love is me.
this love is God.
love you always…

from the mind to the mind to the heart (repost)…

the longest journey.
is that from the mind to the heart.
from thinking.
to feeling.
from rationale.
to instinct.
from discord.
to harmony.
from control.
to letting go.
from outside.
to within.
from hate.
to love…

you taught us…

It seems silly even to think that today is Ahaan’s “birth”day. What is a birth or death anniversary? Seems so insignificant when you consider a soul’s journey through lifetime upon lifetime. So many days of “birth”. So many days of “death”. And still the soul lives on forever – no birth, no death. So why should life not be a celebration of the soul’s being? Why should “death” rob us of the joy of “is”? It shouldn’t & it doesn’t.

Every day is a celebration of Ahaan’s “life” & everything he taught us. Every day is a celebration of our own existence. Thankful that we have friends like all of you. Thankful that we are getting the opportunity to see so many truths. To experience so many “miracles” – till we’ve reached a point where we don’t consider a “miracle” as something out of the ordinary. It is the ordinary. Only, we don’t let it come through because our minds are shut. Our thinking closed to the openness & giving nature of our universe. Closed to our own divinity. To our own Godliness. It’s time to unshackle our souls. Let our souls float, fly, glide, soar, swoop – do as they please. Our soul – that part of us which is pure existence. Let it revel in all its glory – free of the burden of our mind which drags it down with “don’ts” & “can’ts” & all kinds of negativity. This life is given to us to learn, experience, live, love & laugh. Do a lot of this & your soul will bask in joy & happiness & sunshine. Forever smiling.

Today, we know Ahaan is right here with us. In our midst. In a way more beautiful than his mere physical presence. His soul, his spirit is entwined with ours. In true oneness. We continue to marvel at the way he led his life. The wisdom & faith he showed. Hopefully, we old fogeys (as he called us), will learn something from him. Hopefully some of his traits have rubbed off on us – like a reverse hereditary process. Thank you Ahaan. We could say Happy Birthday – but instead we’ll say ROCK ON!!! We love you, but you already know that…

This is an old post thanking Ahaan for being Ahaan…

you taught us…

you taught us.
how to love.
without expectation.
how to let love flow.
from within.
to all around.
how to light up the darkest mood.
with a delightful smile.
full of warmth.
of love.

you taught us.
how to forgive.
no matter how grave the circumstance.
to let someone else also sleep.
the sleep of a child.
knowing he is forgiven.
for everything.

you taught us how to laugh.
even when the world turned nasty.
because joy resides within.
because your heart is pure.
because God laughs with you.

you taught us how to live.
for the moment.
because it never comes by again.
this moment.
every moment.
it may be your last.
live it.
to the maximum.

you taught us how to give.
without wanting in return.
even your last piece of chocolate.
just for the sheer joy of giving.
to see happiness.
on another’s face.
knowing you are blessed by God.
in his heart.
because you learnt how to give.
like Him.

you taught us how to be alive.
even in your going.
with a smile on your face.
as your body lay.
we knew what you were saying.
through even this.
that is living.
so we did.
like you.

we love you.
thank you .
for being in our lives.
in such a beautiful way.
guiding us.
teaching us.
leading us.
to you.
together again.
we will be…

the illusion…

it’s all an illusion.
birth & death.
think nothing of it.
just keep seeking your SELF.
the SELF that is cocooned within.
away from this illusion.
the true SELF.
nestled deep within.
this is your true state.
this is it.
there’s nothing else to seek or find.
the outside is an illusion.
let it exist to stimulate your mind.
but your soul can only be stimulated by your within.
with thoughts & feelings of love & oneness.
& by realizing your own divinity.
that’s all there is.
the outside is foreign.
it has nothing to do with anything.
like watching a movie.
the minute you get involved in it, it will suck you in.
& that makes it harder to get out of the illusion.
distinguish wisely between the reality of your within & the illusion of your outside.
i love you truly.
you are capable of the same love towards all.
that is your divinity.
your Godliness.
your freedom from the clutches of,
the illusion…

the voice of your SELF (repost)…

always listen to your heart.
that’s it.
the voice of your SELF.
nothing is higher.
nothing is greater.
than your SELF speaking to you.
let it direct you.
let it guide you to God.
always stay in your heart.
with Him.
life is as simple as that.
if you want it to be.
together always.

a step away (repost)…

a step away.
that’s what you are.
just one step.
from eternal bliss.
from the oneness that is us.
from everything beautiful & peaceful.
just a step away.
take the leap of faith.
cross the boundary that still holds you back.
see the illusion for what it is.
all you need to do.
just recognize it.
let it be.
let it exist as it does.
remember, you’ve created it.
but now you need to transcend it.
“live” in the illusion, but live outside it too.
makes sense?
it does.
it just means live your life in the illusion you’ve created.
but be aware that it’s the illusion.
reality exists in your heart.
where God exists.
where we exist as one.
that no one can change.
that’s the truth.
everything winds down here.
everything comes into being here.
the beginning & the end lie here.
in your heart.
with God.
open your heart to the miracle that you are.
open your heart to the miracle everyone is.
open your heart to the oneness.
open your heart to the joy of being.
let go.
everything is ok.
everything is winding down just as it should.
you’re just a step away.
just a step away…

we are love…

breathe in the peace.
breathe in the joy.
we are bound for a place where these exist.
in abundance.
our within is your paradise.
our within is your heaven.
where all is in perfect balance.
perfect harmony.
let’s allow ourselves the luxury of being there.
deep within.
where mountains of love lay conquered.
& we come gushing down like a waterfall of love.
engulfing all in our path.
we are the river of love.
waiting to flow into & become the ocean of love.
never ever doubt it.
we are one.
we are eternal.
we are God.
we are love…

you are God (part 19 – repost)

don’t thank me.
don’t thank anyone.
but your SELF.
you are responsible for all the wonderful things happening in your life.
and they are wonderful things, even if you can’t recognize them.
be trusting.
be alert.
everything, however miniscule, is a thing of beauty.
of magic.
it’s your creation.
it’s your contribution to the might of the universe.
your universe.
the one that’s constantly being re-invented by you.
can’t you see your power?
can’t you fathom your strength?
that you can do anything.
it is all in your hands.
every decision you make.
every choice you make.
determines the future of your universe.
it is only you that dictates to the universe what needs to be done.
only you that is deciding how the universe acts & reacts.
only you.
only YOU!!
see it for what it is.
see yourself what you are.
you are GOD!!
as all are GOD!!
be careful what you choose.
be careful what you decide.
let the God in you help you.
trust you will be guided.
do whatever you do with love & compassion.
then you’ve served your SELF.
you’ve served your universe.
and you’ve served the GOD within.
the greatest gift.
the greatest lesson there is to learn.
i LOVE you.
you are God…

love is the key…

it’s the key to all creation.
there isn’t a lock built that it won’t open.
sometimes you need to try repeatedly,
but make no mistake – love is the master-key to every lock.
i love you.
you are open books on which I can write freely.
my words of love.
my words of bliss.
i love you…