soak in the love…

soak in the love around you.
soak in the positivity.
create an impregnable shield around you.
one that radiates love.
one that converts every negative thought & emotion into a positive one.
wear your shield at all times.
let it speak for you.
let it act for you.
this is what will attract others.
bring them to you.
bring them home.
be aware of what’s happening around you.
start transforming it into love.
mad love.
crazy love.
true love.
giving love.
unconditional love.
like my love for you…


4 thoughts on “soak in the love…

  1. Yes, yes, yes ! This is what I felt when I walked to my car this morning ! I just let love flow through me. Leaving it all around, embracing the persons who crossed my way, smiling at them… Guess what ? They smiled back ! And on it goes… Maybe they will smile at someone else, who then smiles to another person…
    Unconditional love that is.
    It makes its way through. You are so right. It doesn’t even need to fight..
    Love and happy wk-end from France to India,

    • there is no substitute for unconditional love. it’s the only kind of love there is. anything else is not love. there are no degrees to love – just aboslute whole unconditional love. have a great weekend 🙂
      lots of love,

  2. Greetings Anil….Good one again. The part of it ” let it speak for you.let it act for you.this is what will attract others.’ is so important. Many don’t realize the energy they project out to the world either attracts or pushes away…Important to know that. What we put out comes back to us full circle! Great words Anil…So glad you and A are helping others awaken. Things are really moving now. I can feel all kinds of shifts within I can’t put a name to yet, but I can feel it. The pressure is building and something is going to pop open hearts big time….Have a wonderful weekend. Send love and hugs to you all…..VK

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