so close…

so close.
so close are we.
to each other.
to everyone.
just a breath away.
just a thought away.
this is such a beautiful existence.
so much has transpired over so many lifetimes.
we are finally at the end.
we are finally to be one forever.
this is the time to radiate your love.
to shine.
be the ones that are looked up to for inspiration.
use your gift.
you don’t know it, but you are giving strength to many.
you are bringing love into the lives of several.
this is the way it must be.
spreading the gift of love to people you know as well as to strangers.
keep this up.
& soon you will have infused this world with more love than it has seen in a long while.
be in His love & light.
be in your own love & light.
spread your wings.
to Him.
to love.

2 thoughts on “so close…

  1. And so it is.
    Happy Wk-end.
    These words resonate, they lift me up.
    Twinkle with the eye to you,

    PS Feeling the closeness each second. Humble I thank You for your words, for taking my hands when I need your words, when your love flows through my heart. Danke Ahaan.

  2. Excellent Anil….But think of it as the beginning instead of the end why not…..Our magnificent oneness is finally beginning and what a life we have ahead of us!!! Have a great weekend my friend and love to you all…. VK

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