our beautiful union…

this is our beautiful union.
bathed in light.
washed in love.
always one.
this is our beautiful union.
forever & ever more.
one in eternity.
never to be separated again.
this is our promise to keep.
this is our love to behold.
this is our beautiful union.
be with me.
as i am with you.
at all times.
in a way that no one understands.
that no one can imagine.
this is our beautiful union.
where we are one without being one.
& we are one because our love joins us.
our love binds us.
in ways that can only be described as divine.
this is our beautiful union.
in divine love.
our love.
forever more.
i love you…

5 thoughts on “our beautiful union…

  1. I dream of the day there is union between us all. Soon I hope. The roller coaster is definitely speeding up…Thanks for these words of wisdom Anil…. Blessings….VK

  2. Hello Anil,

    Love this ! And the best: It is happening. It always was here. It’s just us being a little to busy with what went on… I am so happy and feel all this IS NOW.
    I thank you, I thank the A-team, I thank the universe, I thank myself, I thank all the souls who participate consciously or unconsciously to this wonderful awakening to who we are…

    “Woohoo, let’s all buckle the seat-belts. Welcome to who we are. Our pilot, Mr. Ahaan welcomes you on board and wishes you a wonderful journey back to yourself. The temperature in Love-Frequency depends on how warm or cold you like it. You decide. Mr Ahaan asks you to also welcome Mr Anil and Mrs Aarti, his co-pilots, who made it possible for him to be present, to express his words through them.” I love this. I have a lot of creative energies as you see… It is just as I feel it.

    Thanks for making it possible.

    United we are in Love.


      • Let’s make a mutual agreement: You don’t thank me. I don’t thank you. We just share what we feel, and we know where it comes from… 🙂

        Deal ?

        I am off now… finally 😉

        Have a lovely afternoon,
        E. the cool chick

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