you are God (part 8 – repost)

from this moment on you cease to exist in the physical.
you are You.
the soul.
the true you.
not this body you’ve donned.
you have learnt your lessons.
you are free.
you are limitless.
you are infinite.
can you see yourself like this?
that’s where you need to be.
that’s how you need to feel.
no body.
no garb.
just existence.
just being.
picture yourself as God.
with all the love.
all the compassion.
this becomes you.
this is your true state.
set you sights here.
this is your goal.
your destination.
this is your home.
with God.
as one.
truly, truly one.
with not an iota of doubt.
not a second thought.
secure in the knowledge.
that you are God.
with humility, accept this truth.
with love, embrace this fact.
be who you truly are.
it’s why you’re here.
it’s why everyone is here.
to know.
to believe.
in one’s own divinity.
you are God…

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