the knowledge…

the knowledge is yours.
how you use it, is up to you.
be wise.
be careful.
be discreet.
all is good.
let it flow from within you.
& engulf the world surrounding you.
let it always be from inside out.
never outside in.
the outside is not real.
the inside is.
it’s different for each of us.
yet, in the big picture, the same.
understand these truths.
each of us comes from the same source.
yet, each of us has different routes back.
trust that whatever you’re going through, is your way back.
others have different paths.
respect it.
allow them to stay on their own path back.
be there, but not intrusively.
help, but don’t force.
it’s all ok.
it’s all about love.
love unconditionally.
& you’ll love like you are being loved…

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