this irreplaceable moment…

this life is precious.
this moment, irreplaceable.
do what you must.
there may be no other time.
live like this is your last moment.
don’t leave anything undone.
say your “i love you”s.
say your “goodbye”s.
be free.
of all kinds of attachments.
be in the moment.
this is it.
none of us knows which moment is our last.
make every moment count equally.
i love you.
every moment.
i love every one.
every moment.
there is no time for a weak moment.
because it shows lack of faith.
it shows the humanness still in you.
rise above.
rise way above.
this is your way home.
to oneness.
to Him.
to your SELF.
reach out.
every moment is the moment for our union.
every moment is the moment for our love.
our love.
like us.
i love you.
now & forever…

3 thoughts on “this irreplaceable moment…

  1. Words of truth yet again Anil. Somehow when we veered off the tracks we lost our ability to appreciate all of life every moment. We got caught up in the blindness of materialism. Life can be fleeting and who knows if we will be alive to breathe in the next moment. I think we just need to re-train ourselves to remember to appreciate life. New ways of thinking take 21 days to become a habit. Let’s give it a try and see if we can master this…Blessings to you Anil….VK

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