follow your heart…

follow your heart, not your mind.
your mind is easily swayed.
your heart knows all the truths.
let it lead you.

follow your heart.
even into the darkest alley.
because it will find the light.
the light rests that rests within the heart.

follow your heart.
no more suffering.
no more pain.
find the light.

follow your heart.
it’s the way to Him.
He is the light you seek.

follow your heart.
& you will see eventually,
that the light shines bright only because it is of us all.
as one.

follow your heart.
find the light within.
it’s right there.
shining bright…

3 thoughts on “follow your heart…

  1. When you follow your heart everything feels right! Thanks Anil. Have a good week to you all. I send love and blessings…. VK

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