your heartbeat speaks…

stop the running.
be calm.
be still.
when was the last time you sat back & listened to your heartbeat?
when was the last time you let your heart guide you?
your heartbeat is the language of your heart.
it is telling you every moment that you are alive.
that you are one.
it is telling you how to live your life.
hear it.
it’s loud & clear.
every beat is the voice of your soul.
imploring you to act.
to do.
to live.
listen carefully.
before it stops.
otherwise the silence will be deafening.
your heart speaks.
to you…

3 thoughts on “your heartbeat speaks…

  1. Yes it does Anil!! Good suggestion for people. The time is now for action and I hope we are all ready. Getting in touch with our hearts is first and foremost! blessings to you all….VK

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