life’s immutable fact…

every emotion that comes forth – let it.
every thought that comes forth – let it.
live through them.
observe them.
& let them pass on by.
be still within.
like you are an outsider.
which you truly are.
in this realm.
for our true home lies within.
with each other.
as one.
& that’s where we need to reside.
at all times.
in our true home.
in His thoughts.
in His love.
with Him.
at all times.
a place where you never arrived.
& never left.
where you just are.
for all time to come.
life’s immutable fact…

7 thoughts on “life’s immutable fact…

  1. Excellent Anil….Love this sentence ( a place where you never arrived.& never left. where you just are.) Time to be ready to welcome in the feminine energies after the Venus transit last night. I look forward to hearts opening!!! Blessings to you all…VK

    • thanks VK 🙂 – really believe that we are still within. there’s no need to be anywhere else, but where you are…God bless & lots of love always…let all hearts open wide & allow the love to gush forth…

  2. So true; so what I also live. Lovely. Thank You Anil for putting it into words. So many people experience this, NOW. So harmonious. Life finally unfolds.

    Love to you and your family,

  3. “Every Emotion that comes forth let it”..
    Well I have certainly been through that Mill this last few weeks Anil. Im hoping that now Ive cleared a few blocks I am well on my path again…
    A beautiful post.. Sending you such a great big cosmis Hug.. Thank you for your posts they have kept me sane and bright these past few weeks… Love.. Sue

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