happy days…

happy days are here.
revel in the good times.
they are here to stay.
think & it shall be done.
laugh a lot.
love a lot.
& live king size.
enjoy this life.
enjoy it to the hilt.
there’s no room for anger.
or hate.
these are too insignificant in the big picture.
we are but one consciousness.
the same.
so whom are you angry with?
whom do you hate?
learn to love yourself.
then, & only then can you love another.
this is the biggest lesson.
it’s all there is.
the only thing.
conquer this & you’re done.
now is the time.
this is the place.
happy days are here…

5 thoughts on “happy days…

  1. Great minds think alike Anil. I got up this morning and posted my latest post I wrote the day before then headed into email. Here I find your post on happiness after I just posted mine…It must be in the air. Love thyself and the world shall know happiness and peace. Thanks for this! I send you thoughts and blessings…. VK

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