stay in the now…

stay in the now.
that’s it.
see how fluid life is.
flowing from one moment to the next.
yet how still you can be.
always being only in the here & now.
there’s no running.
total peace.
this is how surrender feels.
this is it.
surrender to the universe.
the wonderful source.
your SELF.
it will never let you down.
just be.
block out everything.
indulge your self within.
the beauty,
the aura,
& the wonder of your within will become apparent to you.
stay there.
in spirit.
your body is irrelevant.
your soul needs nourishing.
there’s an endless supply within.
use it.
learn to differentiate the external from the internal.
& you will be able to straddle both at the same time.
your body in the external.
your soul within.
it’s a beautiful feeling.
staying in the now…

3 thoughts on “stay in the now…

  1. Now spelled backwards is WON…That says it all don’t you think Anil! Great post! Thank you friend. I hope all is well at your end. Blessings to the 4 A’s…..VK

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