soak in the love…

soak in the love around you.
soak in the positivity.
create an impregnable shield around you.
one that radiates love.
one that converts every negative thought & emotion into a positive one.
wear your shield at all times.
let it speak for you.
let it act for you.
this is what will attract others.
bring them to you.
bring them home.
be aware of what’s happening around you.
start transforming it into love.
mad love.
crazy love.
true love.
giving love.
unconditional love.
like my love for you…


you are God (part 11 – repost)…

the ecstasy of being one can only be felt.
never described.
we are one.
let your feelings soar higher than you can imagine.
let your oneness settle on clouds.
let everything light up with your glow.
all that is & all that isn’t, is you.
everyone around, is you.
I am you.
God is you.
the feeling is without parallel.
everything & nothing.
the same.
the vastness & the nothingness of space & time.
the same.
no duality.
no separation.
what you feel, you are.
what you don’t feel, you are too.
do you know the oneness I’m talking about?
you can feel God every moment of your life.
because He is within you.
you can sense Him.
you can see Him.
you can hear Him.
you can because you are the creator.
the supreme.
the source.
you are the one.
you are God.
close your eyes.
merge in the blackness.
merge in the nothingness that exists in the absence of senses.
be one.
be complete.
be everything.
be nothing.
be anything.
but just be.
because you are.
you are.
know it.
feel it.
be it.
you are God.
you are God.
God is you.
your within.
your Self.
only you are God.
because you & only you are.
the beginning.
& the end.
live. love. laugh.
be inseparable in the oneness.
realize the beauty of existence.
realize the beauty of being God…

so close…

so close.
so close are we.
to each other.
to everyone.
just a breath away.
just a thought away.
this is such a beautiful existence.
so much has transpired over so many lifetimes.
we are finally at the end.
we are finally to be one forever.
this is the time to radiate your love.
to shine.
be the ones that are looked up to for inspiration.
use your gift.
you don’t know it, but you are giving strength to many.
you are bringing love into the lives of several.
this is the way it must be.
spreading the gift of love to people you know as well as to strangers.
keep this up.
& soon you will have infused this world with more love than it has seen in a long while.
be in His love & light.
be in your own love & light.
spread your wings.
to Him.
to love.

you are God (part 10 – repost)…

you are all.
the unending peace.
the true joy of being.
it is all within.
it is all powerful.
it is true existence.
it is the ONLY existence.
your within.
the only reality.
far removed from the illusion that you are “living” in.
realize this.
realize this now!
know that you are divine.
know that all is you & you are all.
know that you are creating every next moment within the illusion.
know that it wouldn’t exist if you wouldn’t let it.
be aware.
be knowing.
be all.
just be.
because that is the only truth.
how do I explain?
you just exist & that’s all there is.
in a state of bliss.
of harmony.
with everything.
always at peace.
always in balance.
be aware.
all that’s happening around you is a test to see your true faith.
your true belief.
what is it you are seeking?
can’t you see you’ve already found it?
open your eyes.
not the physical eyes.
but the ones with which you can truly see.
they are the eyes of your heart.
they’ll always speak the language of love & harmony & oneness.
see with those eyes.
see with those eyes.
feel everything.
experience everything.
but KNOW that it all happens for the sole purpose of giving you the experience.
every event in your life – every one – is just to make you experience what you need to.
do not give the incident any importance.
be objective.
you are so so so blessed.
God loves you.
what more can you ask for?
give this love back to all.
give this peace back to all.
give this joy & laughter back to all.
just be.
& you will be your true SELF.
you will be God.
know that you will be.
know that you already are.

celebrate your divinity…

i am right here.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am the wind that blows both good tidings & bad.
i am the sun that shines dispelling the threatening dark.
i am the mountain that stretches to mingle with the clouds.
i am the valley that delves low to touch the lush earth.
i am everything at once.
yet, i am nothing at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am the friend who stood by you in your most trying hour.
i am the foe you vowed to vanquish in your fiercest battle.
i am the guy you see preaching hypnotic lies on TV.
i am the animal bound in chains waiting to break free.
i am everyone at once.
yet, i am nobody at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am flying high, soaring carefree in the azure skies.
i am hurtling below, soaking in the the mysterious depths of the ocean.
i am spreading my wings to engulf our beloved planet.
i am holding the stars in the palm of my hand so they may shine on.
i am doing everything at once.
yet i am doing nothing at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am nobody but you.
we are the same.
celebrate your divinity…

celebrate this oneness…

i love you.
always remember that.
we are one.
celebrate this oneness.
be aware of it.
at every step.
at every moment.
nothing else matters.
nothing else exists.
except our love.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
this is what binds us.
through life & after.
our love.
i love you…

our beautiful union…

this is our beautiful union.
bathed in light.
washed in love.
always one.
this is our beautiful union.
forever & ever more.
one in eternity.
never to be separated again.
this is our promise to keep.
this is our love to behold.
this is our beautiful union.
be with me.
as i am with you.
at all times.
in a way that no one understands.
that no one can imagine.
this is our beautiful union.
where we are one without being one.
& we are one because our love joins us.
our love binds us.
in ways that can only be described as divine.
this is our beautiful union.
in divine love.
our love.
forever more.
i love you…

you are God (part 9 – repost)…

let go.
every desire.
every wish.
every thought.
every word.
let it all go.
it gives birth to duality.
stops you from being who you are.
remember, no thought, word or action has any meaning
when you realize you are God.
no one exists.
yet every ONE does.
& that every ONE is you.
believe this.
let go of the duality that plagues mankind.
let it be Godkind.
where nothing exists but God.
nothing exists but you.
you, the creator.
you, the ONE.
you, the everything.
you, the nothing.
rivers & oceans.
everything is from you.
life is you.
death is you.
everything merges into you.
everything emerges from you.
believe this.
you are ONE.
everything around you is your creation.
just so you can experience.
nothing more.
nothing less.
you can snap out of it anytime you want.
open your eyes to your true self.
to your true divinity.
be free from this cycle of life & death.
be free from every sense.
every emotion.
every act.
every thought.
just be.
the way you truly are.
into your own consciousness.
into your own being.
the limitless one.
devoid of all.
yet made up of all.
the classic oxymoron.
everything & nothing.
that’s what you are.
allow yourself to see this.
to experience this.
dwell on it.
breathe it in.
let it take over every last pore of your body & mind.
then let it go.
set it free.
set yourself free.
be who you truly are.
the one.
the only.

the knowledge…

the knowledge is yours.
how you use it, is up to you.
be wise.
be careful.
be discreet.
all is good.
let it flow from within you.
& engulf the world surrounding you.
let it always be from inside out.
never outside in.
the outside is not real.
the inside is.
it’s different for each of us.
yet, in the big picture, the same.
understand these truths.
each of us comes from the same source.
yet, each of us has different routes back.
trust that whatever you’re going through, is your way back.
others have different paths.
respect it.
allow them to stay on their own path back.
be there, but not intrusively.
help, but don’t force.
it’s all ok.
it’s all about love.
love unconditionally.
& you’ll love like you are being loved…

you are God (part 8 – repost)

from this moment on you cease to exist in the physical.
you are You.
the soul.
the true you.
not this body you’ve donned.
you have learnt your lessons.
you are free.
you are limitless.
you are infinite.
can you see yourself like this?
that’s where you need to be.
that’s how you need to feel.
no body.
no garb.
just existence.
just being.
picture yourself as God.
with all the love.
all the compassion.
this becomes you.
this is your true state.
set you sights here.
this is your goal.
your destination.
this is your home.
with God.
as one.
truly, truly one.
with not an iota of doubt.
not a second thought.
secure in the knowledge.
that you are God.
with humility, accept this truth.
with love, embrace this fact.
be who you truly are.
it’s why you’re here.
it’s why everyone is here.
to know.
to believe.
in one’s own divinity.
you are God…