step back (repost)…

the past is gone.
let the still waters of your present guide you.
all is as it should be.
if you want it to be.
what had to be done is done.
it’s a dream.
step back.
with pure objectivity.
then you will be unattached.
and unaffected.

4 thoughts on “step back (repost)…

  1. Yes, I love languages. Not sure I will be able to add hindu in this lifetime though 🙂
    I am tri-lingual French/English/German. Serbo-Croation being my second mother tongue. Italian: very very beginner level. I make my French sound Italian by accent, and hey, they get it HAHAHAHA so much about my 3D-matrix abilities 😉

    Much love, off I am to start my day. Little twinkle to you and your family and bright shining Ahaan, always. Thank you for sharing my path.

    Gott segue Dich = Singular 2nd person you as a friend or Sie = Singular polite, like “vous” or euch = plural, so you and your family, in Liebe (yes you got it right),

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