flow away…

flow away.
to God.
find the meandering path or the straight path.
it doesn’t matter.
they all lead home.
we are all blessed.
keep the faith.
all is well.
all is perfect.
we are one.
we are all merged.
the elements, nature, our souls.
nothing but an extension of each other.
see God in everything.
see yourself in everything too.
because it is so.
there is no difference at all.
perceptions are the differentiators.
wipe them clean.
with knowledge.
with your pure heart.
clean the perceptions & see the union.
flow away.
to God…

1 thought on “flow away…

  1. Glow with the flow as my friend J once said to me and it stuck with me. If you go with the flow you get things done and get to where you are meant go, if you glow with the flow you do the same but enjoy it while it’s happening. As always, the choice is ours. Happy day to you Anil and love to you all….VK

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