our within…

spend this beautiful morning with yourself.
listen to your within.
let it speak.
without interruption.
without thought.
heed what it says.
it’s your own map to Him.
let your within dictate your actions.
your words.
let your within be you.
‘coz that’s what it truly is.
& I.
as we’re meant to be.
helping each other.
to glorious heights.
to the heavens that have left their doors open to us.
step in.
that’s your heaven.
that’s my heaven.
to our within.

4 thoughts on “our within…

  1. Love and Peace to you Anil and your family. I love this post. It resonates within and as there are no coincidences, well the post was exactly what I needed to read this morning ! Thank You !
    It is 8:16AM here and I am getting ready to buy fresh fruits and vegetable on the farmers market close to where I live 🙂 I will carry your words with me.

    A happy smile coming your way, blessings,


  2. Hey Anil….Right on again!! Very good post. Within us are all of the directions we need to make this ascension work, there is no putting parts together, no screwdrivers required, only our willingness to go within and search. It is all there. Blessings to you all….VK

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