true lesson of oneness…

learn the true lesson of oneness.
& you’ve learnt all there is to learn.
it’s the hardest lesson to imbibe.
you will be thrown off-track.
but continue to return to this premise.
that we are truly one.
each & every ONE of us.
different forms, but the same consciousness.
the same source.
one God.
learn it.
live it.
& you will be one.
you are one.
keep reminding yourself.
all through the day.
you are one.
i am one.
God is one.
the true lesson of oneness…

4 thoughts on “true lesson of oneness…

  1. Seems to be a hard thing for people to grasp for some reason. If people would envision the air they breathe and realize it is the same air you inhaled and exhaled that has gone around the world that I inhaled and exhaled, perhaps then they could begin to understand. That is just one way in which we are connected but it is concrete and perhaps they can get it easier…..Thanks for your words. So very, very true. Blessings for a good week ahead….VK

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