the way to Him…

this is the way to Him.
the only way.
through our within.
the external leads us away.
on another track.
the shortest route is within.
we don’t need to travel at all.
He is right there.
at all times.
nurturing our consciousness.
patiently waiting.
for us to wake up.
into the awake stage from which we can never slip.
no matter what.
achieve it.
we’ve paid our dues.
done all the hard work.
this is our time to unite.
to be truly one again.
no more separation.
no more sorrow.
find the reasons to why things are taking place.
the answers are obvious.
figure it out.
see Him in everything.
this is it.
no more…

3 thoughts on “the way to Him…

  1. HE is really us Anil, we are within us always there to be of assistance. We are God and there is nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it. Good one Anil. Thank you and solar blessings! VK

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