a time of change…

no need to worry.
nothing to fear.
this is a great life.
a great time for all.
a time of change.
a time to look within.
a time of discovery.
a time to love.
a time to live.
a time to laugh.
make the most of it.
all is drawing to a close.
a perfect end.
a time to merge.
with the eternal consciousness that is beginning to awake in all.
what a beautiful time it is indeed.
no more wars within.
complete peace & harmony.
complete acceptance of circumstances.
of existence & the wonder it truly is.
you are blessed.
this is your time.
this is your glory.
spread your love.
shine on…

1 thought on “a time of change…

  1. The time is NOW…Now is what we must live in and embrace it, for it where our true beingness lies. It is our time NOW to push us past the point of no return and go for what we are looking for. A life lived from the heart and a world of peace…. Happy weekend and eclipse…. VK 🙂

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